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Naturist Beaches in Austria

The Austrians, like their German neighbours, have few inhibitions about taking their clothes off in public, and the naturist holiday scene there is thriving. Whilst the country doesn’t have a coastline, it does have hundreds of beautiful lakes.

In the absence of any seaside, Austrians will head down to their version of the beach – the lakeside or riverside. Naturist resorts and beaches Austria are found in secluded woodlands, peaceful mountains and designated naturist centres and campsites – as well as its multitude of spas, saunas and wellness facilities where swimsuits are not allowed.

So, you’ll find many naturist resorts, saunas and beaches or really lakes in Austria

Naturist Resorts in Vienna

Naturist Resorts in Lower Austria

Naturist Resorts in Burgenland

Naturist Resorts in Carinthia

Naturist Resorts in Upper Austria

Naturist Resorts in Salzburg

Naturist Resorts in Styria

Naturist Resorts in Tyrol

Naturist Resorts in Vorarlberg