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There are so many types of swinger parties in Austria, but in general they follow the same type of etiquette. So, read on to recap or learn about the etiquette for swinging.

Meet and greets, referred to as ‘off-premises’ are more of chance for people in the lifestyle to chat over a few drinks and get to know each other on a more personal basis.

Swingers parties in private homes are a cosy affair. Guests are hand-picked by the couple hosting and therefore becoming more of a better matched swinger’s night. It’s usually a smaller number of couples.

Swinger Clubs have the advantage that numbers of couples attending are usually higher, they have the facilities to host in bigger numbers. Often these clubs run themed nights and they have the added advantage of many rooms under one roof.

Whichever party formula you choose – swinger clubs Austria, private party or sauna-club parties, these are the rules to follow to ensure your night is fun and safe:

Stay Together

If you’re coming in together as a couple, you leave together as a couple. Swinging is a couple’s affair, and when keeping together you are gauging each other’s reactions to what is happening around you.

RSVP to Invites & Check whose coming

In form your host of your intentions – coming or declining the invite. The right number and the right mix of people make the whole difference to the night.

It might pay to check who has confirmed their invitation. You might want to chat to those handful of swingers attending before the party. It’s an ice-breaker and it’s also nice to know that you’re walking into a party where you know some of the swingers even if only you chatted to them.

Be on time

This is a no brainer, manners and etiquette are appreciated everywhere you go, and swingers parties are no different. Refrain from being late, usually parties have a door-closed policy. So, don’t spoil your night.

Nobody likes their flow to be interrupted by a rude and tardy attendee. Some swingers parties move slow, others go straight to the action, it’s hard to tell.

However, be punctual as time and timing is of essence in swingers parties.

Be polite

Be courteous and polite always. Swinger clubs draw a range of people, from all walks of life, they expect to be approached with dignity and polite demeanour.

Your behaviour or lack of, will be detrimental to how your night fares. Want to have a night of fun? Watch your behaviour towards your spouse and others.

Basic rule – treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

Do not be pushy, do not touch without consent, consent is always in the forefront of any swinger party.

Dress appropriately

If you’ve always loved to dress up, you are going to have a blast at some of the w swinger parties. Swinger parties are notorious for their THEMED parties. Almost as famed as their love for risqué and skimpy clothes. Have fun, be sexy and push your comfort zone. Swinger parties are the place to be outrageously sexy.

Always try to dress for a themed swinger party, wear what you feel comfortable with and put in your own personal touch and have fun.

Hygiene and Grooming

Swingers, you’ll be surprised are very proud of their appearance. They spend time looking after their shape, health and looks.

Looking attractive to another couple is not simply about showing up. It’s a ritual many couples fussed over when they went out as single people. Make sure you look your best – your hair, your clothes and your general hygiene are top of the notch. There’s no better repellent that BAD Breath or Offensive bodily odour. Have a shower, brush your teeth and so on. Bring your best if you want the best.

Have Fun

Swinging is fun! Do whatever makes you happy, and don’t let yourself be pressured into something you don’t want to do. Be open to acting out your fantasies as well as those of others, whilst remaining in your comfort zone.

‘NO’ is ‘NO’ = Consent

Swinging is only fun when all involved are consensual. If something makes you uncomfortable just say so. Likewise, is someone declines, have a break, go for a drink. Sometimes people take longer to warm up and other times they are just overwhelmed.